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My Approach to Psychotherapy

Problems that Can Be Addressed in Psychotherapy

Over the 34 years of my practice, I have worked extensively with heterosexual, gay, and lesbian individuals and couples to address a wide range of issues. These have included:

  • self-development and growth
  • depression
  • self-esteem
  • anxiety
  • abuse issues
  • sexual compulsions
  • HIV issues
  • relationship problems
  • life transitions
  • grief
  • personal loss
  • crises at different stages of the life cycle
  • divorce
  • unemployment issues
  • career changes
  • personal and work-related stress
  • anger management
  • coming-out issues for gays and lesbians
  • sexual orientation

What Happens in Psychotherapy Sessions

Exploring Personal Meaning Through Dialogue

By briefly describing what happens in our sessions, I can best depict what it will be like for you to be in psychotherapy. Because I believe that psychotherapy should begin where the client is at, I will encourage you to talk or free associate about whatever issues, small or large, may be troubling you or you feel you need to express. At the same time, as part of this dialogue I will be fairly interactive in asking questions about the problems you raise so that we can explore the underlying meanings, patterns, or dynamics that may be affecting your behavior, emotions, and ways of thinking, and that may possibly be undercutting your ability to live as you would like.

Creating New Directions for Your Life

Together in a therapeutic alliance we will focus on understanding, not judging, what is happening in your life. During our joint explorations I'll share with you interpretations or insights I have gained as a result of our dialogue so you can better discover and grasp why your life has evolved as it has and how you might go about moving in new directions. During this dialogue, we will discuss both past and current personal events and experience how they interrelate with one another so that you can become better aware of how you can construct new ways of thinking and feeling about yourself.

Acquiring Insight and Psychological Skills

In the process of being involved in therapy, you will not only develop intellectual and emotional insights that will help you to better understand yourself, but you will also acquire psychological skills that will enable you to function more effectively. Our purpose, then, is to assist you in reframing or refocusing who you are so you can, as my main page says, come closer to fulfilling your potential.

Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Understanding the Social Dynamics of Relationships

In my practice I see both individuals and couples. Although most of what I have described above applies to both individuals and couples, in couples therapy, because there are two individuals involved, I place an emphasis on how you as a couple interact and how communication between the two of you influences your relationship. To facilitate an understanding of the underlying social dynamics that may govern your relationship, I will at times ask the two of you to role play a situation that has happened in your day to day lives or talk through together a problem you are currently facing and want to solve.

Setting Goals for Couples Therapy

By dealing with everyday problems you encounter as a couple, we can explore how you can relate more effectively with one another, and how your relationship can deepen and become more intimate. Nevertheless, as in the case of individual therapy, the goals for couple therapy will depend on what you as a couple want. In some cases, couples want to figure out how they can stay together and improve the quality of their relationship, and in others the couple may want to learn how they can amicably end their relationship and learn from what has transpired. My goal is to help you achieve whatever aims you choose.

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